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Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club (CCVFCC) membership is currently limited to 85 members. We maintain a waiting list so those who wish to join in the future can reserve a place in line.

After the renewal deadline for current members (mid-June), available memberships will be offered to those on the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We will attempt to contact those on the waiting list by email and/or by telephone, using the contact information provided. Those receiving invitations to join will be given 15 days to confirm their membership by completing a membership application and paying the dues in full. If they decline to join, or do not confirm by the end of 15 days, they will be removed from the waiting list, and the next person in line will be invited. The process will continue until either the waiting list is empty or the membership is filled.

Note that CCVFCC cannot be responsible for obsolete contact information for those on the waiting list. Be sure to resubmit this form if your contact information changes and note that the form is a revision.

This application is to add ONE person to the waiting list for future membership in CCVFCC. Please do not send a check with this application.


Date of Application _____________

Name _____________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City ______________________ State ______ Zip _________

Best Contact Phone (_______) _______-__________

Email Address___________________________________


Applicant’s Signature

Please mail completed form to Carole Corcoran, 234 Pine Street, Centerville, MA 02632, or copy and paste the form into an email and send it to corcoran.carole “at” gmail.com Replace “at” with the @ key.

While on the waiting list, we encourage you to attend our meetings in order to get to know the club and its members and to benefit from the programs. As a non-member, the only restrictions are that you will not be eligible to enter the competitions nor participate in certain membership events and exhibits.

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