PSA Competitions -Projected Image Division

Janet DiMattia coordinates our club’s entries for PSA Nature and PID Open competitions, and results of those competitions are posted here and on the PSA Nature Page.

PSA 2016-2017 Results

PSA-PID 2016-2017 Projected Image Division

PSA 2015-2016 Results

Competition Results 2015-2016 Year

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2015/16

PSA 2014-2015 Results

Competition Results 2014-2015 Year

Club Ratings Competition #1

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2014-2015

PSA-PID Judging Report

PSA 2013-2014 Results

Competition Results 2013-2014 Year

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2013-2014

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